What Is a Vasectomy Reversal?

what is a reverse vasectomyAnyone interested in restoring his fertility after a vasectomy procedure may be interested in finding out more about vasectomy reversal. This surgery has made it possible for a multitude of couples to make the dream of having children a reality, when previously a vasectomy procedure was considered irreversible.

With advances in modern medical technology, not only has the reverse vasectomy become a possibility, it has become an incredibly successful means to regaining fertility with minimal risk and side effects for the patient undergoing the procedure.
But exactly what is a vasectomy reversal, and is it the right choice for you and your family? Simply put, a vasectomy reversal is a procedure that restores the flow of sperm through the vas deferens. The surgery is normally performed using a microscope which allows the surgeon to create sutures that are finer than a human hair.

Patients that undergo a vasectomy reversal usually have a relatively short recovery time and able to resume normal activity within just a few weeks. Many patients are able to achieve normal mobility with in a weeks time, often experiencing a minimal amount of pain which can be treated with simple oral medications.

Vasectomy reversals have become increasing popular over recent years, with studies showing that approximately 1% of men that have undergone a vasectomy will opt to have the procedure reversed in later years. It’s interesting to note that over 500,000 men undergo a vasectomy procedure every year, and this number remains constant compared to the continuously increasing number of individuals who are having vasectomy reversals. And since the advent of micro-surgical techniques, reversals are now more successful than ever before.

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