The Reverse Vasectomy Procedure

If you’ve undergone a vasectomy procedure and you wish to have another child, a reverse vasectomy can turn your dreams into reality. A reversal is possible no matter how many years it’s been since you’ve had your vasectomy.

Reverse vasectomy procedures typically have a very high success rate.


Success Rate

In 97% of cases, the sperm is restored to the ejaculate without incident.

One major benefit of the procedure is that your minimally invasive surgery is performed using a microscope, and you should expect a recovery time of just a few weeks.

Get back to where you belong for only $5000.00.

Dr. Ira Grossman is specially trained to perform microsurgical vasectomies reversals, and has a multitude of satisfied patients who have successfully undergone the procedure. Sperm is able to appear in as early as one month after the procedure, and some women have become pregnant as early as the first month after a reverse vasectomy has been performed.

There’s no need to pay New York reverse vasectomy or New Jersey vasectomy reversal prices. Thanks to Dr. Ira Grossman, an expert reverse vasectomy Pennsylvania doctor, your procedure is now more affordable than ever. Pennsylvania vasectomy reversal prices are considerably lower than those in surrounding areas.

About Ira C. Grossman, M.D.

Dr. Ira Grossman, Board Certified Medical Specialist in Urology

Dr. Ira Grossman is the professional you can trust with a well established practice in Kingston, PA. Over 30 years experience in microsurgical vasectomy reversals have given Dr. Grossman the reputation of being the “go to” surgeon with the knowledge and ability to make you and your partner’s dreams of expanding your family a reality.

Dr. Grossman’s vasectomy reversal procedures have had excellent results, making it possible for a multitude of families to achieve pregnancy. As a board certified Medical Specialist in Urology, Dr. Grossman is the only ivy league trained urologist in Northeastern Pennsylvania. With his technical proficiency and his experience, paired with his unique approach to patient care, Dr. Grossman is able to provide his patients with excellent results.

It is easy to understand why so many families from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York have sought out Dr. Grossman to perform their reverse vasectomy procedures, and his experience speaks for itself. He has formerly served as the Chairman of the Section of Urology of Wyoming Valley Healthcare and the Chairman of the Department of Surgery of Nesbitt Hospital.

Dr. Grossman understands how important it is for his patients to feel confident and comfortable. Riverview Ambulatory, his reverse vasectomy practice in Kingston, PA, is a private, modern, ambulatory surgical facility with discrete, door to door transportation available for all patients. His practice is dedicated to assisting couples sort through the numerous options available and helping them to achieve their goals by utilizing cutting edge microsurgical techniques.

Because of Dr. Grossman’s commitment to the field of male reproductive medicine and vasectomy reversals, he is able to consistently generate high success rates. Realizing that patient care and communication is just as important after a procedure as it is during a procedure, Grossman is able to build relationships with the families who seek his expertise. He is able and willing to educate his patients, and works tirelessly to ensure that they have all their questions answered and know they are working with one of Pennsylvania’s leading vasectomy reversal doctors.

If you would like to know about how Dr. Ira Grossman can help make your dreams of growing your family a reality, contact us today.

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