Vasectomy Reversal

vasectomy reversal post-op

With one of the highest success rates, the reverse vasectomy is a same day procedure, as there is no over night stay required. The procedure normally takes anywhere from three to five hours after which the patient is usually allowed to return home. Although it is usual for a patient to experience mild pain or discomfort after the surgery, it is typically manageable, similar to that which had been experienced immediately following the initial vasectomy.

After your procedure, it is not uncommon to experience mild swelling or discoloration near the scrotum. This is usually considered normal, not requiring to be seen by your doctor as it is of no cause for concern.

If you are experiencing any pain or swelling, it is recommended that you sooth the scrotal area with ice packs. Your doctor may also subscribe pain medication to be use for a few days, but many patients feel that motrin, advil, or tylenol alleviate most of the discomfort experienced.

Recovery time is usually fast, with minimal pain and discomfort. Often, a patient is able to return to normal activities within as early as three days. Returning to work is also possible, as long as the patient is not required to do any heavy lifting. Within four weeks, patients are normally able to perform strenuous activities which had been previously prohibited. Patients may also return to normal sexual activities after a four week recovery period.

After your surgery, your recovery will be determined by an additional consultation, and the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate will also be monitored.

If the patient believes that he is experiencing any discomfort, pain, or bruising greater than what is typically considered to be normal, he should contact his doctor immediately. Usual side effects include post-operative pain, moderate swelling and bruising.

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