Vasectomy Reversals on the Rise

vasectomy reversalsOver the last decade there has been a substantial increase in the number of men seeking vasectomy reversals due to a variety of reasons according to an article published by

One of the many reasons that men may require an reversal is a change in life status that may bring about the desire to have additional children. This is often caused by a join decision made by husband and wife that they no longer wish to have more children and then years later realize that growing the size of their family becomes a matter of importance. Other men may have had a previous marriage and after becoming re-married have decided that they would like to have children with their new spouse.

Whatever the reason, many couples are often surprised to find out they are able to have successful vasectomy reversals after several years have passed since a vasectomy. It can often be ten or more years after a vasectomy, and many men believe that their chances of having a successful procedure are significantly diminished, only to find out that the return of sperm is able to be achieved in a relatively short amount of time, making early conception a reality.

At one time a vasectomy procedure was considered permanent, but since then many men have come to learn of the reversal process, making the vasectomy a prefered method of birth control for a large number of couples, despite the fact that most doctors discourage this train of thought.

More insurance companies have opted to cover the cost of the reverse vasectomy procedure, which is also a major contributing factor the recent increase. Usually performed as an out-patient surgery, the reversal is considered to a micro-surgery, in which a specialist re-connect the male reproductive tubes in order to restore an individual’s fertility.

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