Reverse Vasectomy Success

reverse vasectomy success

The key to reverse vasectomy success is working with an experienced professional with a wealth of training. Dr. Grossman has performed successful reverse vasectomy procedures on a multitude of patients who dream of being able to conceive children. Although the reverse vasectomy procedure is typically the most successful and most affordable option for many patients, there are several variables that ultimately determine your success.

In the past, many people believed that the success rate for a reverse vasectomy declines drastically if being performed more than ten years after a vasectomy. However, with advancements in medicine and microsurgical techniques, the success after ten plus years has dramatically improved, with a majority patients able to achieve conception just months after their reverse vasectomy procedures.

One of the main factors contributing to the success rates of reverse vasectomies is the location at which the initial vasectomy was initially performed. Vasectomies performed close the the testicle, for example, are usually more difficult to reverse compared to disconnected vans deferens located at a greater distance from the testicle.

Factors for Success

  • Least amount of time since the initial vasectomy does increase the rate of success in some patients.
  • Exercise, healthy eating, and healthy living increase your success rate for achieving pregnancy.
  • A good fertility history is a contributing factor to your overall success.

Factors for Complications

  • If one or both testicles have decreased in size, it may signify testicular failure which could decrease your success rate.
  • A blockage may be suspected if you have an enlarged epididymis. Blockages often lead to further complications.
  • The length of the vans deferens is also a contributing factor, and the shorter the vans deferens, the high the risk of complications.

No matter what your circumstances, choosing an expert reverse vasectomy specialist is the first step to achieving success and realizing your dreams to grow your family. This is why so many people have chosen Dr. Grossman to perform their reverse vasectomy, and his stellar success record is the reason why so many people continue to seek out his expertise.

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