Knowing the Right Time for Vasectomy Reversal

time for vasectomy reversalMany couples often decide to talk to a specialist about a vasectomy reversal because of an immediate need. Either both parties have agreed that they would like to expand their family as soon as possible, or they may have come to the realization that the initial decision to have the reversal was premature and that they are planning to have additional children in the near future.

On the other hand, for others considering a reversal, making the choice would be a lot easier if they had a clear plan set in place. It is extremely common for men to have a reversal after they have had children and don’t expect the desire to have additional children. However, as you well know, life often takes unexpected turns. It is unfortunate, but marriages sometimes end for a wide variety of reasons, resulting with an individual who is contemplating vasectomy reversal, but unsure when to go ahead a have the procedure performed.

This decision can be ticky, especially if the individual hasn’t pursued a new relationship, but believes that having a reversal may provide other benefits than just fertility. He may feel more complete by having a vasectomy reversal. Often men report that a vasectomy reversal has a positive impact on their self esteem as well as make them feel rejuvenated when returning to fertility.

Because it is recommended that reversals be performed as soon as the individual is certain they have made the correct choice for their circumstances, one should do their best to lessen the amount of time between the initial vasectomy procedure and the reversal procedure. This could greatly decrease the chance of scarring the patient may develop over lengthy periods of time.

It should also be considered that having a reverse vasectomy a significant amount of time before you would want to conceive could likely make the entire process much less stressful for both partners. Eliminating the waiting time for recovery, which can often be anywhere from several months to a year before sperm fully return, will allow you to concentrate on what’s really important to both of you … getting pregnant.

If you have any questions regarding vasectomy reversals or would like guidance from any of our specialist, please reach out to us today.