Vasectomy Reversal Recovery

vasectomy reversal recoveryDeciding to have a vasectomy reversal procedure is an important decision to make for many couples, and a large part of your decision making involves the anticipated vasectomy reversal recovery time. As with any type of medical procedure, you should be fully aware of all of the potential risks as well as the usual recovery in order to make a fully educated decision as to whether the procedure is right for you.

Normally vasectomy reversal recovery time is relatively short, with few possible complications. Usually oral medications are used to address any pain one may experience as a side effect of the surgery. Statistically, about 50 percent of patients explain that the pain they experience is an equal level to that which they experience post-op of their previous vasectomy. An additional 25% percent of patients report that their level of discomfort is less than that which they had after a vasectomy.

Most often any discomfort that is experienced after a reverse vasectomy procedure typically only lasts several days and is easily dealt with. Within a weeks time, many patients are able to resume normal daily activities including light work. Heavy physical activity, however, including heavy lifting should be avoided for about the first two or three weeks of your recovery.

Having a sufficient level of communication with your surgeon is imperative to ensure that your recovery runs as smoothly as possible. Take the time to discuss with your doctor how soon you would be permitted to return to both normaly activities as well as other activities that may involve heavy lifting, particularly if your job requires strenuous work.

Wearing a jockstrap may be recommended for the first few weeks of your recovery to provide additional support and protection. It is also usually recommended that you refrain from sexual activities for approximately two to three weeks.

Although many couples may achieve pregnancy in the first few months following a vasectomy reversal procedure, on average it may take to one year. The likelihood of pregnancy is usually higher for those patients that have had a fewer amount of time pass between a vasectomy procedure and a vasectomy reversal.

If you have any questions regarding vasectomy reversal recovery, please feel free to contact our office to schedule free consultation. We are happy to answer your questions you may have.